Third guest mix is by a French techno producer from Paris – Benales.

E: Thanks Ben, some real oldschool vibes here. Where does your techno story begin?

B: I was living in Normandy just across from U.K at the age of 15, and use to take ferry boat rides once a month to buy my records at a small record shop with electronic music. After that I was going to Paris record shops. There I came across such artists like The Advent, Sterac, Surgeon or Regis representing a much harder side of techno.

E: Who is your techno hero?

B: Robert Hood because I love the energy in his tracks, minimalistic, hypnotic Detroit techno. For me is a perfect tool for a DJ.

E: Do you still like old school sound or prefer the modern techno sound? 

B: We have lots of great producers at this moment that make cool music however 90’s is a very important time to me personally. My current influences are still very deep deriving from the 90’s techno, Detroit techno artists like Jeff Mills, Underground Resistance, U.K techno like James Ruskin, Surgeon, Italian techno – older stuff from Marco Carola or German techno like Basic Channel to name few. As for more modern sounds, I like Sleeparchive, Tadeo or Deniro. 

E: Can you tell a bit about this mix?

B: It’s a mix consisting of old and new tracks, new artists and old artists. A kind of crossover between old school and new school techno. Similar to a mix that I would do at a peak time in a club.

E: How do you approach your mixes? Do you like to prepare in advance or just go with the flow

S: I don’t generally prepare for the mix, I prefer more of the feeling and energy that you can get from more spontaneous mixes. I like using very classic set up to make the mix like a mixer, 2 mk2 turntables just playing vinyls and record it in one single take.

E: You have played one of your tracks taken from your Key Vinyl release. Why this particular track?

B: I have chosen this track as it had the right energy for this mix.

E: What makes your mix special?

B: I was in the mood for making it and I think it captures my energy of the moment. It’s special because is for Soleil bookings. I wanted to make a mix that I like, that is similar to one that I could play in a club.

E: Being an all vinyl dj and carrying heavy bags around, what’s always inside?

B: Some tracks that I always have in my bag are from Surgeon « Magneze », Jeff Mills « The Dancer », Marco Carola « Diapason »

E: Do you follow, who plays your music in their sets?

B: Sometimes I follow what other djs are playing, watch videos or listen to other podcasts. It’s a pleasure to see other artist that I like play my music.


E: What is your biggest djing achievement thus far?

B: I think it was when I played at Tresor 3 years ago with James Ruskin. I’m a big fan of his for the releases he has done as well as mixing. It’s very important techno artist for me. The party was very intense and crazy. Another special moment was during my last gig in Georgia, it was the best audience I’ve seen for a long time.

E: What’s next for Benales?

B: I have just released a record on Freddy K’s label in October, have a record coming on Sino at the end of December 2019. This will be my third release on Sino. Then I have another record coming on Hiatus, which is a new French label managed by a friend of mine. It is a various artist compilation with Zadig and other cool artists as well as a track on a various compilation on Soleil records.