Second podcast series welcomes now Berliner – Elias.

PE: Hey Elias, UR an Berliner now? Why did you decide to move away from Lisbon?

E: I was living in Lisbon for one year, I made some amazing friends and contacts there. There is quite a movement in Lisbon, but not as much as in Berlin. Being one month in Berlin, I’m already seeing many more possibilities. Lisbon was more of a small family affair, here in Berlin being close to Poland, Netherlands, France and many other countries, generally being in central Europe there are more opportunities.

PE: Ok, so lets go back. How did you first discover electronic music?

E: I got introduced to techno at 14-15 years of age by a friend of mine. We were growing up together, his cousin was already playing techno in the 90’s and one day he went through the whole vinyl collection with me and invited me to listen to some techno tracks and oldschool sets by Sven Väth, Alexander Kowalski, Carl Cox etc.  

PE: How did you feel first time hearing these kind of records?

E: It was a big change and a very special feeling. At that age I was more related to Hip hop, and techno was completely different to what I was used to hearing. It was new and exciting to me.

PE: What was one of your first techno records you have ever bought?

E: It was the M4.5 by Maurizio.

PE: Hearing lots of dub flavoured sounds in your music, is Maurizio still one of your favorite producers till date?

E: Yes Maurizio is still a big influence to me. You will recognize the basic channel inspiration when you hear my own productions.

PE: What other producers do you enjoy playing? 

E: Malin Genieits like a new school dub that I enjoy and like the concept of his MGM label. Also artists like Echoplex, Eduardo De La Calle, VIL, Temudo, Yaleesa Hall, Vince (PT), Merv, Exos, Conforce, Sterac & Steve Rachmad, Deepchord, Savas Pascalidis and Deniro are some of my favorites at the moment.

PE: As we know music changes over the time, how has your music taste changed over the years?

E: In 2012 I was more into deep and trippy sounds like Edit Select, Cio-dor, Donato Dozzy and the other artists related to the Prologue label, keeping my style to the basic roots of dub. However you cannot always play dubby and super calm tracks in your sets, as people’s attitude towards music changes. When I was partying, people were into heavier but slower music. Nowadays, I observe a shift and party goers are enjoying faster, groovier and less mental sounds that is something that I also like.

PE: Lets talk about your mixing. What’s your process when preparing for a mix or for a dj gig.

E: I play digital in 90%, as it’s not so easy anymore to take full bags of vinyl everywhere with you. What I noticed also is  that the sound systems tend not be calibrated for vinyl as the organization is more focused onto the digital side of things. I enjoy mixing in digital as I can play three decks. When it comes to the process of preparing, I have a big collection of tracks sorted into old school, dub folders and mix them up with new upcoming stuff, therefore making the track selection more natural. This allows me to mix in heavier tracks in the moment when is needed, or break it down into more dubby, or mental if it works, connecting with the people on the dancefloor to make the set feel more alive.

PE: How about this mix? What made it so special that you decided to feature it on our podcast?

E: This mix was recorded in Lisbon. It was a radio show from the Hayes Collective, ran by a Portuguese label. I have chosen more dubby roots, less heavy and not so fast with a lot of oldschool tracks and some newer stuff that came out recently. Maurizio, Echospace, Deepchord – this mix resembles what I could play in an opening set. I also have selected this mix because I believe it has a lot of important and meaningful tracks on it. Like one of my all-time favourite techno tracks by Steve Stoll – the Slipstream to list some. I have put a lot of tracks on this mix that are full of memories that I’m used to listening to a lot along with some newer stuff to make something of a mix with good memories and good vibes.

PE: I couldn’t hear any tracks of yours in this mix, any reason for that?

E: If I play my tracks, I like to play things that are very recent, max 2-3 weeks old, or tracks that I have already played in a club environment or on a radio show before. I have made last tracks about 2 months ago, since then I have moved to Berlin and I’m settling in, I didn’t produce as much as I would like hence I have not chosen any tracks of mine for this mix.

PE: What are some of the tracks that you will always have it with you ready to be played?

E: Again Steve Stoll Track, Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak II/II, I would always have these not in my record case, rather in my rekordboxin a digital format. Also Scherzotrack from „-2“, by Portuguese duo Pedro and Vasco released on Hayes. Another one is Warchild by Damon Wild remixed by Adam Beyer. Concord by Exos, Shut Off from Echoplex, Dark from Aubrey, Technic produced by Steve Rachmad as Parallel 9 and Convextion´s Miranda.

PE: Are you curious to know who plays your tracks in their mixes?

E: Yes. This gives me more motivation to continue to work more and more on the production to bring something into the scene that has value to others. It helps a lot in the production of own music to know that an artist I like plays and supports my music.

PE: Speaking of motivation…What was that one exciting moment in the scene that gave you lots of positive reaction and inspiration?

E: There was a gig I went to in 2010. It was an amazing set by Speedy J at old Harry Klein Club in Munich. He was playing a hybrid set with 4 decks. With all the elements he made a such great set, that we are still talking about it till now with my friends. My perception of performance, of how you can interact with people have changed after seeing his performance. It was one of the best sets I have ever heard till date.

PE: And how about your own big moment, is there something you could share with us? Something you are happy about?

E: Yes, it was 2015. When I started to do my first techno tracks, Roberto, owner of the Fossil Archive label, messaged me on soundcloud couple weeks before his gig at Berghain, asking to send him couple tracks, he invited me to Berghain, put me on the guest list with a friend, we went in and 1.5 hours into the mix, he played my track. Hearing my music in Berghain was a big moment so far, because for the first time I could check my track on a Funktion One sound system. This was important in relation to my production as I could hear how it sounds, and then figure out how I can work on it more specifically to make it sound better and improve things in the future.

PE: What about the future then?, any releases coming up, any exciting stuff?

E: I have couple things coming. First is an EP on Rhythmath – the Sub label of Out-er owned by Distant Echoes and Simone Gatto. Another thing is a 5 track Ep included a remix from Ênko to be released on Hayes. I have sent them few tracks 3 months ago and after couple days they have decided to release an EP. I was really glad to make this release happen and work with them as they really liked my stuff. There is also a various EP next year from my friends label in Hungary – Panel Trax. It’s a small label existing already for 10 years.  This release will be limited to 100 vinyls only. Whats more is that I have joined with Soleil Booking Agency and I’m looking forward to working with them and also to have a release on Soleil records down the path.