For the first part of the series, Echoplex has met with Subradeon guys (Giuseppe and Salvatore) and chatted about the mix and more.

Thanks guys for doing this cool mix as first of the series of Soleil Podcasts, we would like to get to know you a bit so here it goes..

E: Could you tell us if you had any clue to make this particular mix? Do you plan your mixes? or prefer to work spontaneously?

G: Usually we don’t plan any mixes, we have a folder with new music and some old stuff we like and our own releases to try out and every time we need to record a new mix we take all those things and try to put it all together into a very spontaneous flowing mix.

E: What criteria do you use when selecting music for your mixes?

G: It’s all about the mood, how we feel.

S: We usually start with an intro either instrumental or voice to give a concept or idea, that is something we plan

G: To open the doors and then follow up on a record by record basis, no planning of the actual selection just grooving with it.

E: Does this mix represent your current taste? Or you think more of what people would love to dance to?

G: It’s our current taste and I hope people will enjoy it.

E: Has your music taste changed over the course of the years?

G: Yes, 10 years ago we were playing much harder and faster tracks. Nowadays we still play techno, but in a different way. We are constantly researching more new music and monitoring new releases and sounds.

S: It’s a process of growth with music. We started very young Giuseppe was 12, I was 15, coming mostly from a house scene in Napoli. We were enjoying New York and Chicago House sound, and then the process brought us to another level where we have discovered Techno from Detroit. Then we decided to move to Berlin, in search of new life experiences, and to discover new exciting sounds to put into our stuff.

G: We are still learning, it’s a continuous cycle of development in search of new exciting stuff.


E: Could you tell us about your first ever Dj set? how did you feel at that moment.

G: It was 2006, I was djing at a birthday party of one of my friends, it was amazing.

S: I remember being in a bedroom first (laughs), but the first one with Giuseppe was absolutely beyond the words, I mean we were very young, having no experience at all, but just wanting to put all what we had inside, all of our feelings into the music it is what we have tried to do from the beginning. Doing what we feel, following our path and expressing ourselves in a best possible way.

S: At the beginning we were in a small village, where everyone wanted to be a dj, doing the same thing, we wanted to try something different, play different first of all.

G: That’s why we have moved from house to techno, learning from music.

E: So, what happens when you both play sort of back to back I imagine?

S: Sometimes funny and cool things happen, especially when we choose and play the same track in the same, exact moment and just realize when hearing it, it’s the kind of special feeling you can’t describe.

E: Who do you like to play in your sets and why?

G: I like to play our tracks of course, and new music like the last one of – Jon Hester on Transmat, Stephen Brown and all his records – of course he is a master, I really love his stuff, Deetron, Dj Bone, Sterac, Deniro . I like also this guy from Detroit – Detroit’s Filthiest (Dj Nasty) with his ghetto booty electro. Good shit with Soul man.

S: We play lots of Scan7 stuff, we love them and are very close to that sound, Dj 3000 aka Franki Juncaj from Motech Records – we really respect him for the music and creating great stuff, besides our first release was on his label.


E: What were your earliest music influences?

G: We grew up listening to Neapolitan funk, Neapolitan soul and hip hop like “La Famiglia” as well as very traditional local music. The neapolitan scene, all house parties – Kenny Dope, Vega, Morillo, Morales, Josh Wink played also a vital part in our starting up, as we wanted to put all those influences in our own stuff.

E: Let’s go back to the mix, are there any tracks of yours in the mix? If so why have you chosen those particular tracks?

G: Just a second Peter, I need to check (laughs)

E: Ha, this is what happens when you spontaneously mix, you simply don’t remember what you have played right?

G: (scans through the mix looking for his tracks)

G: Yes, I mean is this normal? for me is normal. Ok here it is, I have played this track – Each one Teach one, which is coming out on Deetrons label later on this month. I have chosen this track because it has a really strong message that is “Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference’ – this vocal has given us a lot of power to make a new record so that’s why is really important to us.

E: What makes your mix special?

G: I think every mix we make we try to make is special in its own right, because of the way we play records and the records we play, the messages we try to pass on with hope of being understood.

E:  Are there any tracks that you always play in your sets?

G: Yes 100%, there are tracks for example by Robert Hood, this one in particular he has released  more than 10 years ago I think  “Who Taught You Math” that we always play, it’s a best definition of techno for me.

S: Actually, this is one of the tracks that we have doubled, played simultaneously together last set (laughs). Another track is by DJ Bone called – Rhythm, Soul and Funk, which I always play as it’s what we believe .

E: Do you follow, who plays your music in their sets?

S: Is really important to know who is playing our music, to have some kind of feedback from the djs, who teach us about this kind of music, for example we started listening to Dave Clarke, and now he is playing our tracks, and is very important to know for us that our music is good enough, that we are on a good path according to those, who we look up to and that our message is right. For instance, having a record on Ben Sims label means a lot to us because he is one of those artist, who took inspiration from to do our thing.

E: What is your biggest djing achievement thus far?

G: Playing regularly at Tresor club, which is one of the biggest clubs in the world and an Institution for Techno Music. I think the last gig there was amazing, we have played a closing set at Globus after Scan7 Live from 4am to 9am and we have expressed ourselves 100%. Incredible feelings!

E: What’s next for Subradeon?

G: We have a new record coming out called “Movement” EP at the end of this month on Deetron’s label. Another record on Hardgroove of Ben Sims to be out early 2020, following up with a third record on Subradeon Records including a remix from a special artist and a track on Soleil Records Various compilation with a lot more good news and let’s see… a lot of music coming out!. Besides the releases, we are back at Tresor club on 2 January 2020  So the best way to celebrate and start the new year!