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DJ, producer and owner of Brainwash records. On stage for over a decade. He has already developed his own distinctive style. Drawing from industrial, dark, often broken sound in techno makes its sets dynamic, coherent but also surprising.


Life Recorder

Kriss simply creates lush techno and house music that has you floating on the layer of pads and grooves that puts you in the instant hypnotic motion process. Join us as we discuss, how life plays a big part in his music making.



Just a mix, some music for inspiration. 2 x Technics, one mixer and one looper. Click the photo -> Enjoy


Francesco Devincenti

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Vince Watson

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Santonio Echols

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Emerging from Glasgow, newcomer 9B delivers a 60 minute hypnotic, rhythmic workout, mixed exclusively for the Soleil podcast series. 9B is one half of Glasgow promotion OUTFLIGHT who have been working the Glasgow afters scene throughout 2019. As of late they have sought after the legendary Club 69 as a home for their Techno sounds bringing artists such as Rene Wise to the intimate space. 9B has recently released on Fraz.ier (UK)label Elementra records with his track Sky Is The Limit and looks to bring forth new creative works in the near Future.



Italian producer based in Naples, ex drummer and graduate at Nut Music Academy, released on labels like: Illegal Alien – Subsist – Northalssen – ARTS Digital – Affekt – Darknet and on his own vinyl label – Prophet with artist like Ritzi Lee, A. Mochi, Stanislav Tolkachev, Ben Gibson, Detroit Techno Militia. Enjoy BOOZ!



Evangelos Kosmidis aka Divak, is a Greek sound artist and performer based in Berlin. Inspired by the Berlin club scene, his sound incorporates hypnotic melodies, driving techno and mesmerising atmospheres. He is constantly experimenting with sound and at the moment he is working with analog synthesisers and drum machines in his live performances. His exclusive mix is here. Enjoy 



Lydecker comes from France (Toulouse). He has been guiding the Toulousian spaceship into new and unexplored territories since more than 20 years. As a dj, and promotor (Mentalism Parties), Lydecker has played alongside many legends like Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Speedy J, The Advent, DJ Hell etc. The masked guy lives in the shadow, far from the mainstream. As he likes to say, the music speaks for itself. His thirst for new horizons is illuminated by his passion for music, which keeps him sharp… it’s all about Music, and beyond, speaking of which – enjoy his mix!



Betomeng also known as Ivica Ljubic is a professional Dj for 20+ years since he was 19. Born in Aleksinac, Serbia, his interests span across various aspects of music and it’s development during its history from : Classical, Electronic, IDM, EBM, Ambient, Drone, Krautrock, Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Abstract, Noise, Jazz, Experimental, World, Tribal. He aims to crossover all genres and all periods. Betomeng is fully committed to this sphere of life which is the primary moving force of his life and style. With his current experience Ivica acquired skills and the right mindset to adjust musical repertoire to the imminent atmosphere and energy to,  which he is exposed at the moment and reflect it towards the crowd’s wishes, thus enabling him to never rigidly cling to only one musical genre, but to take the energy and dynamics of his performance and synchronize it with the current moment.
Betomeng played Serbia from south to north and east to west, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary & Montenegro.
sharing decks with names like: DJ AZF, Alien Rain aka Milton Bradley, François X, Regen, Anetha,
Emmanuel, Schwefelgelb (Live), Under Black Helmet, Raär, The Horrorist, UMWELT, Ansome, Petar Dundov etc…
Till now he organized events in Serbia, in valuable clubs of the underground techno scene: Drugstore Beograd, KPTM & Feedback, had performed in iconic europian clubs Griessmuehle, LARM & Drugstore Beograd. His fantastic mix is online now. Enjoy!


Joy Huebner

Born in 1991 in Hanover, grew up in Malaga, Spain, he was exposed to music early in his life since a child because his father was a drummer and jazz bass player. Joy was never interested in anything music related despite having music present at home until techno came his way. It was then all those jazz influences found their meaning, percussion, bass frequencies and improvisation. Soon, he left university and moved to Madrid where the relationship with techno grew to a point that was the only possible lifestyle for him. Meeting like minded people, going to parties, starting to collect records and playing in clubs had finally led to Joy making his first trip to Berlin and consequently changing his vision and future projects forever. Now living in Berlin since 2015, where he has found stability and inspiration to further continue his DJ career and develop a very specific sound. He is currenly working hard and dedicating most of his time to make music with the idea of immersing himself in experimentation with analog hardware. His mix is out now!



Yacoob hails from eastern Poland. He is an alumnus of the infamous Metro klub in Bialystok. He plays full energetic sets of techno, electro blended with detroit, break beat, offbeat and dark sounds altogether. Enjoy his mix now. 




The Kelvin Groove

Sewelly is THE Kelvin Groove, bringing you all things Techno, House and Electro to your ears from Glasgow, Scotland.  Heavily influenced by the UK techno scene – Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Mark Broom and Surgeon among others – and having spent numerous years as a resident DJ and promoter of Relentless at the famous Sub Club in the noughties, has led to an energetic DJ’ing style.  In addition to this, spending the last couple of years studying music production has encouraged him to explore the creation of his own music in much greater depth.


Nemanja Stanojcic

Hails from the town Vrnjacka Banja in Serbia. As a DJ and vinyl collector, his musical taste has been greatly influenced by the sound of Detroit and Chicago music. Enjoy his all vinyl mix featuring some of his favourite artists and labels. 





Prizm (Unpleasant Texture) is a DJ and producer from Warsaw. Co-founder of Warsaw Torture Boyz and owner of Warsaw Torture Boyz Podcast series on soundcloud. Member of fresh Pølygon crew. Invariably for years inspired by the British electronic scene: (Surgeon, Regis,James Ruskin), Brighton / Nu Skul Techno (Cristian Vogel, Jamie Lidell, Si Begg, Tobias Schmidt), which translates into his inspiration and the search for his own selection model. Focusing on the in-depth search for lesser known publications, his sets can be synonymous with alternative underground. Together with Vitalis Popoff, he has created the Unpleasant Texture production project, now as a solo project which he currently devotes the most of his time to. Prizm has published on international and Polish labels such as Groundzero Teknocamp (DE), Variance (IRL), Nashton Records and DRVMS LTD. His massive mix is out now.



A rising female DJ, Lunarplatz expresses herself with her selections of raw, driving grooves throughout 60 minutes. Conjuring her taste in Detroit style Techno this mix includes sounds from the likes of Robert Hood, James Ruskin & Planetary Assault Systems all of which influence her. Direct from Glasgow but transmitted from outer space. Her mix is available now.




Edinburgh based Kamil Kowalczyk aka Mechanoid is Powerhouse resident DJ known for his uncompromising selection from straight Techno, to the hardest sounds of Hardcore, Schranz, Gabber and Terror. He is also composing ambient orientated works under his own name and runs concert series called “Soundscapism” since 2011.




Dj & label manager of Cymawax & Cymasonic Recordings. Resident dj @ Switch Bar BCN. 



Piotr Klejment

It was 2007 when a 22-year-old Piotr Klejment, won the prestigious nationwide DJ competition. November of the same year he stood behind the decks in front of a huge audience at the Mayday festival in Katowice. Later everything went with even greater impetus. He became an artistic manager in two Warsaw clubs: M25 and Tomba Tomba, which resulted in the dream come true of inviting the “Trinity from Detroit”: Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills and Kevin Saunderson, and shortly thereafter Robert Hood. Additionally, cooperation with Echoplex, with which he created the Detour duo, organization of the first squat parties with electronic music in Warsaw and the “Experience” mix series he recorded, which was heard by several hundred thousand people. Later on, Piotr Klejment was part of the Technosoul collective and co-created the stage of the same name at the Original Source Up To Date festival in Białystok. Technosoul in 2014 also became a label – the first release was by Piotr in the company of remixes of Perc and Sleeparchive. Thanks to this album, Piotr started to play abroad, even in the legendary Tresor. Another EP for Technosoul was released in May 2015 with a remix from Echoplex.

2016 was surprising year for Piotr, he was fighting a disease that has become infected with tick-borne inflammation, which had a huge effect on his psyche, because neurobolerosis also affects neurotransmitters in the brain. He was planning to return to the scene in 2021. Jakub Glinski, who is known for his controversial performances, applied to one of the clips. Love for techno is a huge element that is born in every “infected” person under the influence of different experiences. For Piotr, it began with studying the entire sea of ​​musical genres, fascination with Basquiat’s paintings, 80’s and 90’s hip-hop culture, Polish jazz, street fashion, the label Ninja Tune, Tri Angle, the figure of Zomby … Long to calculate. In his case, the result of all these minor vectors was one great force – techno.



Takuya Yamashita Live Performance

Born from Japan,Kobe.He was interested in classical music in his early teens. In his college and graduate days,he studied Mahler’s symphonies and modern and contemporary classical music.

During the same period,he started to listen and compose techno music by my friend’s influence.In those days he love English techno.

After college he moved to Sapporo.And he often started going to the club.So he started to listen and compose minimal style techno and Detroit techno.

Takuya made his debut release “Neptune” back in 2008 on the Dutch label Lifeworld. Next to that the artist made several releases on labels as Bass pressure and Espai music. Also notable to mention is that he became runner up at Ken Ishii’s 15th anniversairy collaboration contest. and his techno track Daybreak went throw the ceiling in 2012 Beatport charts and was released on Outpost Recordings.
In 2013 Mirko Loko from Cadenza also discovered Takuya’s talent and remixed his most populair track “Daybreak” for a Cadenza release. Both the original and Mirko’s remixes of this Japanese star are widely supported and played by some of the biggest names in the world like Joris Voorn, Laurent Garnier, Shlomi Aber, Josh Wink, Reboot, Dubfire and more hot shots in the electronic scene.

His tracks is supported by Funk D’void,Laurent Garnier、DJ Rolando,Carl Cox,Vince Watson,Tom Middleton、Claude Young,Fabrice Lig ,Chymera etc.

He appears to be a gifted multi talented artist and composes various styles of music by various artist names

Takuya Yamashita : Detroit style techno
Censor : Hard & Dark minimal techno
Ludus tonalis :Free style erectronic music


DJ Shufflemaster

DJ Shufflemaster (Tatsuya Kanamori), Japan’s most underground export is one of the main artists from Tokyo’s Subvoice record label circle. Shufflemaster’s debut single was praised by DJ’s like Laurent Garnier, who in fact liked the track so much that he ended up licensing it for his mix CD.

The same track ranked in the NME dance chart, immediately leaving a big impression in everyone’s mind. DJ Shufflemaster’s constant releases of top-end quality brought the world to recognize this world-class producer and DJ stature.

Also well-known for his remixing talents for prominent techno artists such as Adam Beyer & Joel Mull, Ben Sims and DJ Rush and has additionally co-produced tracks with Sweden’s Cari Lekebusch.In recent years, Shufflemaster has been invited to DJ in England, Berlin’s Love Parade, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Spain’s Sonar Festival as well as upcoming appearances across Europe supporting the release of his debut album “EXP”, released on Tresor. 




Rodrigo Agüero aka Dying, a DJ and Producer born in Argentina.

His career began in 2008 introducing himself as a DJ within the underground circuit of Buenos Aires as well as in the interior of the country, performing in clubs such as Cocoliche, Under Club, Bahrein, Niceto Club, King Club, Osa Club, among others.

In 2012, he began to publish his collaborations in digital format on labels such as Fanzine Records, Paranoid Dancer, Pragmat Records, Subself Records, Reaktivate Records and PAR Recordings.

At the same time, along with his partner Barakat, they released their first reference on vinyl titled “Conviccion” on the French label CLFT with remixes by Mattias Fridell, MTD and Jeroen Search.

After a couple of years, in 2016, the duo gets their second reference on vinyl, entitled “Modernismo” with the collaboration of Bleak on the French label Knotweed Records.

During the same year, Dying made his first tour in Europe, performing in clubs and events in different cities of Germany such as Der Stur (Münster), Studio 21 (Darmstadt) and Kulturzentrum Faust (Hannover) 

As the result of hard work and dedication, in 2018, the duo published their third reference in vinyl titled “El Sueño de una Teoria”, obtaining the support of great artists of the global scene.

This allowed the project “Dying & Barakat” to undertake its first duo tour in Europe, which would lead them to present their LIVE set at the legendary club Tresor in Berlin.

In 2019 they publish their fourth vinyl release entitled “Exploracion Desconocida” on the Axaminer Records label in the Czech Republic

His constant progress in experimentation and musical production influenced by the sound of Chicago and Detroit has led him to develop a particular vision with a futuristic perspective in electronic music, his productions explore Ambient, Deep and Techno exclusively.


Vero Yage

VERO YAGÉ is a scientist and an audio-visual artist. She teaches how to master one’s mind and body as well as how to control the energy. She works with Reiki, bioenergy therapy and information field.

She has been involved in work with many artistic festivals: Wake up Ibiza, Ibiza Spirit Festival (Ibiza, Spain), Silenus (Taiwan), AvantArt (Warsaw, Poland).

All of her artistic projects are an experience and a journey through energy and emotional landscapes. In her music there are many accustic and visual solutions aimed a multidimensional expression of sound and picture towards the synaesthesia phenomenon. Sound as a vibration is a medium to work with energy and a tool to command moods and emotions.



Tomek Pason aka mURDERdUB started out as a DJ in 2011, soon realizing that he wanted much more from music than just spinning vinyl. In 2013, he began to complete his studio and create his own music. In a fairly short time, he managed to perform his live act on the stage of Biuro Dźwięku Katowice at the Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival. Two years ago, Tomek has completely given up classic synthesizers and plunged into the galaxy of modular synthesizers, yet now he has decided to return to the so-called stand-alone synthesizers. His music has appeared on Nitodrum, PiL, and Variance as well as on a double vinyl compilation of the Berlin label Groundzero. He is a co-founder of the BLCKSTR and RZNNS collectives organizing events mainly focusing on live acts, as well as co-creator of PØLYGON collective.

After performing and djing under the name of Hengsle, Tomek has decided to launch his new project mURDERdUB in both live and dj scenario.


DJ Hellix

Piotr aka Dj Hellix was born in eastern Poland. He began his exploration of electronic music when listening to Trance music on his casettes. Traveling through various musical genres led him to focus his interests around techno. He currently lives in Krakow and is a constant participant of Club life. He loves wax, so his sets are almost always played on vinyl records. Every two months he shares his discoveries in the “New Vinyl” podcast series. When performing, he wants to let the audience break away from everyday life for a moment and move away into a musical madness.

He is persistent, consistent – he works tirelessly every day and is constantly developing. All of this enables him to meet wonderful people, thanks to whom he gets lots of satisfaction from doing what he loves most – sharing music with others.


Michal Nowak

Michał Nowak is an educated musician, composer, instrumentalist, conductor, graduate of the Academy of Music in Poznań. At a young age, he became fascinated by the synthesizer sounds of synthpop and new romantic, which introduced him to the world of electronic music. Later, he was overwhelmed by energy and rhythms, techno sounds, and enchanted by the magic of vinyl records, he began his career as a DJ.

In his performances, he combines various types of techno, focuses on deep sounds, syncopated rhythms, and in his sets and live acts, motility and energetic vibe dominate the dance floor. There are several releases on Michał’s account, including Szkwał, released on muno.pl compilation, and Mururoa Atoll, released on Projekt Lab compilation.

Inspired by the synthesis technologies of the 80s and 90s as well as hardware methods of generating sound, he creates music that is characterized by sublime rhythms, a space characteristic of dub climates, detroit melody and strong impact. Currently, he spends most of his time composing his own songs, working on live acts and releases.



SMTHN (Konrad Kujawa) is a Krakow DJ and producer of electronic music. After flirting with different genres for some years, he has started producing techno in 2015 under the moniker of SMTHN. Following in 2017, his first E.P on Dirty Stuff Records label was conceived, and in 2019 he has released a debut album titled “Disappearance of Peter Bergmann” on Berlin’s own Resopal Schallware label.

Meanwhile, SMTHN has completed music for Toxic Recordings straight from Portugal and two self-released EPs. Stylistically, SMTHN oscillates between the zone of ​​techno with elements of ambient, field recordings while using live instrumentation. During his set he tries to combine typical club tracks with a more experimental and left field twist. SMTHN the winner of 4th Polish Edition of Echoplex Techno Masterclass is our next artist on Soleil Podcast. Enjoy