A serious affair of a collide between spaced-out, dark, moody and dirty 8-bit sound of Echoplex with Damon Wild’s classic New York acid, groove minimalism and 909 funk.

  • Labels: Soleil, Synewave
  • Performance: Live, DJ
  • Travel: Glasgow/Warsaw


Damon is one of the few techno-heads in house-crazed New York City where he had moved in 1991 to pursue his musical path. Inspiration for Damon’s future came when he began working at Sonic Groove Records in Brooklyn and VinylMania Records while living in a basement house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with Joey Beltram and Frankie Bones. He first saw the light by recording rave hits like ‘Night Stalker’ as Sonic Assault II and ‘Rave Generator’ with Ray Love as the Toxic Two, which went to number 11 in the UK charts. 

Damon is also founder of Synewave Records, where he has released his own productions and also featured the works by the most respected techno producers like Surgeon, Joey Beltram, Tim Taylor, DJ ESP, Soul Destroyaz, Morgan, Thomas Heckman, Mark Bell, Jeff Mills, Regis, The Advent, Woody McBride, Steve Stoll, Adam Beyer, Dan Curtain, Function, Echoplex among many others. After meeting with the later, Niteworks project was soon created and first studio sessions took place in Paris and Warsaw. The duo released their first part series in 2002 as the 56th number of Synewave records. Since then Niteworks have made recognisable impact with their releases and Live performances at some notable festivals like Awakenings and Astigmatic. Time comes again for Peter and Damon to create fresh paths of inspiration and connection to release new music. Keep your ears on alert for new exciting sounds to resurface once again.

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