Life Recorder

Kris simply creates lush techno and house music that has you floating on the layer of pads and grooves that puts you in the instant hypnotic motion process

  • Labels: Soleil, Life Notes
  • Performance: DJ
  • Travel: Marseille, FR


Life Recorder is a French techno and house DJ/producer based in Marseille, his releases gathering momentum on labels such as Aesthetic Audio (Detroit), Bokhari (UK), Grounded In Humanity (Spain) among others. Getting into turntablism in Geneva’s mid-90s suburbs and working on his own music since 2006, Kriss has kept passion and integrity front and centre, starting his own label Life Notes Recordings in 2017 with a new alias, Motion Process.

The influence of Detroit’s emotional deep house / techno connects to his own roots and feelings on life, shaping his musical signature through experience and connection.

Kriss’s DJ skills have been recognized over the years across Europe and beyond with performances for some highly respected underground clubs and venues like Berlin’s Tresor, Barcelona’s Moog Club, Belgarde’s KC Grad, Paris’s La Rotonde Stalingrad and London’s Night Moves party run by Jane Fitz. On his local scene he is also a regular with the Extend & Play collective/record shop in Marseille.