Jumping straight into the deep end with a series of blazing live PA performances during the early 2000s, Komplex is an explorer of sound forms and electronic rhythm technique with a DIY minimalist edge. 

  • Labels: Soleil, SFR
  • Performance: Live, DJ
  • Travel: Melbourne, AU



After several releases on fresh labels such as Soleil, Itinerant and his own creative outlet, Soundform Recordings, Komplex stepped out of the spotlight to pursue a deeper understanding of music composition, sound production and the art of “real flow”, a term coined while spending time in isolation working on the “Blank Sequence” project.

BLNK SQNC was a concept focused on resetting all instruments and the mind to a blank state, combining sound design, composition, mixing and performance during one-off sessions to capture the “real flow” experience live and direct with no computer editing.

True to his underground values, these raw experiments have been released only to hand-picked DJ’s who continually drop the recordings to unsuspecting crowds around the world, with Soleil Records’ Echoplex at the forefront.

In addition to upcoming releases, the next GS82-3000 project under development is codenamed “Tanto X” –  a stealth live performance idea focused on precision cuts of sound-form loopism sliced and delivered using a single, easily concealable device that can be deployed at any location with minimum notice.

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