Joy Huebner

Let the music do the talking and let your feet do the walking.

  • Labels: Soleil
  • Performance: DJ
  • Travel: Berlin, DE


Born in 1991 in Hanover, grew up in Malaga, Spain, he was exposed to music early in his life since a child because his father was a drummer and jazz bass player. Joy was never interested in anything music related despite having music present at home until techno came his way. It was then all those jazz influences found their meaning, percussion, bass frequencies and improvisation. Soon, he left university and moved to Madrid where the relationship with techno grew to a point that was the only possible lifestyle for him. Meeting like minded people, going to parties, starting to collect records and playing in clubs had finally led to Joy making his first trip to Berlin and consequently changing his vision and future projects forever. Now living in Berlin since 2015, where he has found stability and inspiration to further continue his DJ career and develop a very specific sound. He is currenly working hard and dedicating most of his time to make music with the idea of immersing himself in experimentation with analog hardware.

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