Damon Wild

With a career that began in the late 1980’s with house, acid and techno music in NYC, Damon has been involved producing electronic music, DJing and being the label boss of Synewave Records.

  • Labels: Synewave, Kanzleramt
  • Performance: DJ
  • Travel: Warsaw, PL


Damon Wild began his musical path in the early ’90’s when he moved to New York City in 1991. He began working at Sonic Groove Records in Brooklyn and VinylMania Records. Living in the basement house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with Joey Beltram and Frankie Bones, he had had all the inspiration for his future. Damon began working at Northcott Productions as A&R at Experimental Records. He launched his own label in 1993 – Synewave. The label began with a collaboration of EX artists (Aurasfere) Dennis Ferrer as Morph and they produced together their the album “Stormwatch” on New Electronica, UK. In 1991, Damon also produced with Ray Love as Toxic Two and created “Rave Generator” which went to the 11th position in the UK charts. Damon also produced with Tim Taylor “Bang The Acid” and “Afghan Acid” (The Rising Sons). In 1994, Damon created “Avion” which was one of his biggest successes to date. Damon also produced with NYC Limelight resident DJ Repete under the artist concept Equinox and they produced “Pulzar” on Vortex Records. 

Damon Wild is an exponent of one of techno’s most fertile times and places: mid-’90s New York. He worked with Frankie Bones and Adam X at Sonic Groove, sold synths and drum machines at Rogue Music, and danced to artists like Aphex Twin and Jeff Mills at Limelight. At one point he and Joey Beltram lived together—Wild remembers hearing a half-finished “Energy Flash” through the wall of his roomate’s bedroom. By then, he’d already been dedicated to what he calls “cutting edge music” for years, ever since his early days playing bands like Nitzer Ebb on college radio. But that bygone era of New York club culture set him on a trajectory that changed his life, and arguably techno itself, thanks to the era-defining records he released on his label, Synewave, and his own decades-long catalog of influential productions, from rave bombs like “Bang The Acid” to delicate groovers like “Spacerace,” among many, many others.

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