Arthur Robert

Jamming out electronics in a direct, purist, groove based, Detroit inspired and jungle and breaks influenced style – Arthur is still very closely connected to sound – just like his earliest memories recall hugging a giant speaker to feel the bass, he continues his quest of sonic discovery.


  • Labels: Soleil
  • Performance: Live, DJ
  • Travel: Amsterdam, NL


Arthur Robert was born in Vienna, Austria into a Romanian family. His earliest memories include hugging a giant speaker just to feel the bass. At age 16 Arthur taught himself to DJ drum and bass music with vinyl. It was clear electronic music would be his future path. In his early 20s Arthur moved to Amsterdam and soon became inspired by the techno music being played in clubs and at festivals. His first trip to Berlin’s Berghain sealed the deal and Arthur was determined to devote his life to making his own brand of electronic music. 

Together with his partner he built the music studio that he calls his home most hours of the day. 

Besides spending most of the time in studio perfecting his live set and capturing all the recording in one take, he also teaches sound design and music production, finding teaching as invaluable as learning in his continued quest for excellence.

AR describes his sound as: live electronics, direct, purist, groove-based, Detroit-inspired, jungle- and breaks-influenced. 

He has also performed internationally in Montreal, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam & Utrecht, sharing bills with many notable artists in the industry.