Kaelan’s 2030 alias crafts evocative deep listening techno, harking back to the glory days of 90s Warp – think The Black Dog or B12 paying even more specific tribute to Drexciya and you’re halfway there.


  • Labels: SubOsc, BC, Tape Tales
  • Performance: Live, DJ
  • Travel: Bari IT


Dealing with sci-fi indebted melancholy as well as interplanetary optimism, his music ranges from lush beatless soundscapes to twinkling electro undercut with hip-hop beats. 2030’s music wanders through an emblematic sphere of existentialism in a retro-futuristic tale-like fashion, which will lead your imagination to distant places.

With a series of releases over the last few years on labels like Black Crow, Subosc Records and Tape Tales, he has forged a musical identity both respectful of the past and idiosyncratically looking to the future.